Samsung, specifically NeuroLogica Corp., its United States healthcare subsidiary, recently introduced the V8: a high-end ultrasound system with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The machine boasts improved image quality, usability, and enhanced accessibility for ultrasound technicians. 

The United States Food and Drug Administration recently cleared the V8 for commercial use. Two new AI functions include “NerveTrack,” which identifies the specific location of nerves during live scanning, and “UterineAssist,” which locates tissue changes and helps the user measure the uterus.

David Legg, NeuroLogica Vice President of Ultrasound and Digital Radiography, said, “We are pleased to launch the V8. We designed it with the user in mind, from its premium imaging engine to its ergonomic design. The ‘V’ in ‘V8’ stands for ‘versatile’ because a wide range of departments from obstetrics to radiology and orthopedics to cardiology can make use of its complex functions. We anticipate the V8 to become a flagship product within the high-end ultrasound category.”

Crystal Architecture is the foundation that runs the V8’s image clarity system. It is built with a combination of novel beamforming (CrystalBeam), advanced image handling (CrystalLive), and advanced S-Vue Single Crystal Transducers. Each one of these aspects blends to generate precise, consistent, high-resolution figures.

The V8 is stocked with exceptional technologies such as ShadowHDR, which suppresses shadows and enhances the clarity of grayscale images; S-Shearwave Imaging, which uses ultrasonic transverse elasticity to give information related to tissue stiffness when related to disease; S-Fusion technology, which grants total alignment of medical images with one or more cross-sectional studies (MRI, for example) which are instantly reconstructed; and MV-Flow, which enhances the visualization of low-flow blood flow conditions.

Various 3D, 4D, and 5D technologies are also supported by the V8, allowing the operator to see a structure with remarkable detail. The V8 can deliver a higher level of usefulness and value to many diagnostic medical ultrasound departments. 

For more information about the V8 system, visit the NeuroLogica website.

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