In the last decade electronic gates and gate operators have become more common place in residential homes because of lower costs as well as ease of availability. Most homeowners can now afford the benefits of increased safety and privacy that comes along with the installation of aluminum privacy fencing and aluminum entrance gates.

When it some to choosing a gate operator for your new aluminum gate and fence there are two choices: swing and slide gate operators.  Both systems offer the same benefits with the only difference being the style in which the gate opens.  As the names would apply a sliding gate slides open as a swing gate opens swings open.  Both offer the benefit of preventing access to people or vehicles without the proper entry system such as a keyless remote, a keypad or other options in entry control.

Electronic entrance gates are designed for a variety of applications including industrial and residential use.  Residential entrance gates are designed to be used for single family use with normal traffic.  If installing an electronic gate for a community or commercial purpose you will find the need to purchase a different grade gate operator, a gate operator made specifically for more traffic.  Both swing and slide gate operators can be enabled using DC and AC models with battery and/or solar panel options.

When choosing between a swing and slide gate you will want to consider your driveway space and what method of opening is going to allow the gate to function properly.  You will need to consider the space when a vehicle is pulled into the drive as well as parked with in the drive.  If your driveway offers minimal space to open and close it is best to go with a slide gate that is compact and easily fits within itself.  Other considerations you will want to think about when choosing a gate and fence system is reliability, safety and security.

The three major benefits and rewards associated with electronic gates are privacy, convenience and security.  Privacy comes with the control the homeowners now posse in access into their driveway.  With the use of a gate homeowners need to make visual or audio communication to identify visitors before allowing them in.  This will detour thieves and salesman.

With the installation of a security perimeter fence and an aluminum entry gate you can for sure deter burglars.  Although if you leave the fence open you are losing the security benefits it gives you.  To keep your family and pets secure make sure to leave the gate closed at all times when you are home or away.  Surveillance cameras can also be used to enhance protection.  Cameras, aluminum privacy fencing and gates deter burglars by making your home as inaccessible as humanly possible.

An electronic entry gate offers comfort and ease of use as well.  Many homeowners with a fence in place refuse to get out of their car to open and close it, this is why having a gate operator eases the use of a fence.  A gate operator makes an electronic gate as convenient as a garage door opener and offers a great deal more security as well.