When it comes to inground backyard pools no one wants to swim in a pool where the plaster is littered with stains and discoloration.  Even when the pool water is clean the pool will look dirty with abundant stains on the plaster. There are several different methods to clean off the stains that are hindering your pools appearance.  From scrubbing to the use of chemicals one of them is sure to help you clean your pool and leave is sparkling for your summer swimmers.

If you find that your pools plaster is severally stained throughout the pool this is most commonly from a chemical reaction.  The advice in this article is for smaller stains, concentrated to smaller areas of plaster. Large plaster stains may require a professional pool plastering company to evaluate the proper technique to use on the plaster to regain its original finish.

For small, concentrated stains the methods below will help to remove and eliminate the stain on the plaster.

For a common stain that occurs often on the plaster of a pool such as metal the following cleaning methods can help.  A metal stain can come from a ponytail holder, a pop top, soda can or coin that falls into the pool.  When left without being noticed for a period of time a metal stain will occur.  A rust stain occurs when the metal comes into contact with the pool plaster.  The chemical reaction can cause a stain as quickly as overnight.  It is super important to remove any metal from the pool before it has time to create a reaction stain.

To remove a metal stain you can use one of the following three methods.  One of them should work for you.  The first method is using an emery stone to gently rubbing the stain.  Attaching the emery stone to a large pole will allow you to reach spots on the bottom of the pool. The disadvantage is that you need to be gentle as too much force will cause a visible mark where the stain was which defeats the purpose.

The second method involves using a concentrated amount of granular chlorine on the affected spot.  To effectively do this you must turn off the pools filter and pump.  The water should be still.  Place the granular chlorine in nylon or some material that will allow it to flow through and dissolve on the stain.  It should work as a bleaching agent and within a few hours of the pack sitting on the stain the chlorine will be gone and the stain should be removed.

Another method to removing stains that are on your pools plaster involves getting into the pool and using a wet/dry sand paper or sponge such as Scotch Brite.   With this method you sand the pools plaster surface slowly and gently removing the buildup causing the stain.  This method leaves a smooth surface without a visible difference to your pool’s plaster surface.  This method, if done correctly will leave the plaster smooth and stain free.