In an economy that is not blooming with homes sales what is the average homeowners on the move doing to unload their home?  Besides dropping the sale price way below market value, which is already lower than the purchase price years ago or letting it sit on the market for months what options are available?  Renovating is one of the quickest ways to get a home sold.  The key element is making sure to not put too much money into the renovation process so that money is still made on the sale.

It is important that the renovations are done with the majority of home purchasers in mind.  Most people won’t care about the addition of a pool or a gazebo in the backyard but many will be wowed with the addition of replacement windows especially ones that have the windows with blinds between the glass.

There are several key elements that can be renovated without blowing a budget and should entice buyers.  One is adding curb appeal.  This can be done fairly easily.  Start by renting a power washer and thoroughly cleaning the exterior of the house include the decks, siding, windows, gutters and any sidewalks.  Next it is imperative to have a fresh coat of stain and paint on all surfaces that require it.  The roof should also be carefully cleaned so that debris is not littering the roof top.  The last thing new home purchasers want to see is mildew and mold build up on the exterior space of the home.

If the home is unable to get clean and fresh looking from a good old fashion power scrubbing and washing it will pay to proceed into looking at siding options.  Siding is an option in renovating that is not necessarily cheap but does recoup itself in the sale of the home.  It truly is about the first impression if the home.

The next element to curb appeal is trimmed bushes, maintained landscape, including new mulch, and trimmed branches and trees.  If the home is on the market in the spring take the time to purchase and plant flowers and potted plants around the yard.  To make the most out of your money potted plants are an option that can move with a homeowner.  A trimmed lawn is always appealing, a trash can that is out of site, pebbles perfectly lining the driveway all of these little tweaks will increase the homes appeal.

Another option in renovating the home involves a long weekend and some sweat equity but is truly a winner in first impressions is paint.  Nothing quite says fresh like a new coat of paint.  It is best to thoroughly coat the walls with a neutral base coat to give buyers the chance to visualize the belongings they have in the space.  This can also be done by renovating the amount of stuff filling the home.  Minimal is better when trying to sell.

It will not matter how many mini renovations are done however to improve the look and feel of the home if the home is in need of serious repair.  Before ever thinking about selling a home it is important to make sure the roof is leak free, the windows especially if you are lucky enough to have a home to sell with premium windows with blinds between the glass are sealed correctly and the home has been inspected for major issues.