Electrical systems should have an industrial circuit breaker to protect your crew and equipment from danger. These can range from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. If industrial circuit breakers become damaged, they must be serviced or replaced immediately.

One option for fixing industrial circuit breakers is recognized by the ANSI/IEEE, which is the process of reconditioning. It is defined as “The process of maintaining existing power switchgear equipment in operating condition as recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions, using only the original manufacturer’s recommended replacement parts, without altering the design.” 

Below are the five steps taken to ensure a quality reconditioning process:

  1. Inspection: A visual analysis is performed to pinpoint mechanical damage, missing parts, discoloration, etc. The breaker’s trip settings are recorded, along with the breaker’s overall electrical condition. 
  2. Disassembly: Defective components can more easily be identified after the breaker is deconstructed into its component parts. Components labeled by serial number are not commingled with others. All parts are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, lubricated, repainted, and replated as necessary. 
  3. Reassembly: Components are put back together with precision, ensuring all bearings, pins, retainers, nuts, bolts, and hardware that show wear are replaced with OEM pieces. All contact pivot surfaces (stationary and moveable), operating mechanisms, linkages, and bearings are lubricated based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Afterward, they are adjusted and aligned for mechanical integrity and tension. 
  4. Testing: After the circuit breaker is reassembled, it must be tested to make sure it works properly. The trip mechanism and indicator is tested to ensure proper operation. A record of the amount of electricity required to trip the breaker is also documented. Once they are in working order, low-voltage breakers must be tested as well. Electrical operation including the spring change motor, closing operation, shunt trip, and more are all tested to ensure proper functionality.

Reconditioned breakers are thoroughly verified to be safe. The fundamental role circuit breakers play in the safety of electricians, and electrical equipment is paramount. 

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