All of us have moments in life that we remember like they just happened yesterday. For some it is their first kiss, going to college, getting married, purchasing a home; this list could go on forever. For me one of these days is the day I was able to purchase my own fixed blade knife otherwise known as a “survival knife”. I was beyond excited. I had waited a long time, done a lot of research and finally decided upon the knife I would come to carry on my hip for years to come.
I purchased it online and when it arrived at my doorstep I was as ecstatic as a young child on Christmas morning. I wear is as casually as a pair of underwear only removing it from my hip on occasions that a knife is not allowed. I won’t share the brand or exact fixed blade knife I choose because I truly believe you decide for yourself when choosing fixed blade knives and in no way do I want to influence your decision. I will however give you a more in depth look at choosing a knife that is right for you and exactly why I believe, especially given society today, that a knife is a staple for everyone to carry; whether it is a pocket knife, fixed blade or liner lock.
Survival knives such as the Cold Steel Tai Pan Double Edged Dagger Knife are not only beautiful to carry and treasure but also incredibly useful. You can use the knife in a variety of ways: cutting, slicing, self-defense, first aid, food preparations, assist in building shelter and to help as a tool in prying and screwing. I know everyone is currently thinking of some random movie scene where the good guys life is saved with the use of the great knife tool, right?
When considering your knife purchases always consider its practicality. For some people a pocket knife or liner lock knife make more sense as their jobs don’t entail a knife to be worn on their hip. For other like myself my career makes it a necessity. Pocket knives are easily concealed and are simple to use. This is a popular option for almost everyone. I make my daughter and wife carry one when they leave the house. Sometimes it assists them in opening a box or removing a tag but there in case something occurred that it might become a tool in saving them from a bad situation.
The things I considered when choosing my fixed blade knife were basic considerations such as the blades size, I like to be at around 5- 6 inches, it was full tang, one continuous piece of metal, it had a single-edged blade with a flat ground spine and a sharp point tip along with a solid pommel.
The decorations that have almost no bearing on the function of the knife include items such as if the blade is carbon steel or stainless steel, the material of the handle, the finish, millings, whether to have a serrated or non-serrated blade as well as the designer or brand name of the knife. Knife enthusiasts argue that Cold Steel, Boker, Case and Smith and Wesson are amongst the top brand names amongst knife makers and who am I to argue with that!
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