When buying a home within a flood zone you are required to purchase flood insurance through FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency. This coverage protects homeowners and mortgage companies. It protects from the losses that occur from water damage to your homes structure and contents when flood damage wreaks havoc to your home. If you live in an area that is prone to flash floods it is advisable to go ahead and protect your assets with the additional insurance that cover flood damage.

It can also be useful to have if your home is in an area with a high water table and you have a home with a basement. Basements are often the storage compartments for all memorabilia that has been collected for holidays, camping gear, tools, out of season clothes etc… If your basement flooded would you be able to financially replace all of the items damaged beyond repair? This is where flood insurance would be useful. It protects your belongings from the unexpected. Heck, none knows when the electricity is going to go out rendering the sump pump useless and water damage to occur in a basement.

Excess flood insurance is the term used when flood insurance is purchased to not only protect your swelling but also the contents within your home. This insurance is not provided through FEMA but instead is often obtained through your insurance provider. Your insurance company will act as the middle man for you in all dealings with FEMA. It is important to have excess flood insurance especially when you live in an area prone to floods. Most flood zones, even 100 year flood zones, require the purchase of additional insurance to cover your dwelling.

Many events can cause flooding. Flood damage can be caused by excess rainfall within a short period of time, snow and ice melting too fast, a leak from a pool or a clogged storm drain which in a sub division can cause massive issue for home owners.

It is important to research the area in which you are interested in purchasing a home. It is important that you add flood insurance to your budget when planning for a home purchase within a flood zone. The cost of flood insurance will depend on several factors; the size of your home, its value and the risk associated with the area in which your home is built. The expense can add hundreds of dollars to your insurance policy so it is something to really look into before signing on the dotted line. Most mortgage companies are upfront when offering a mortgage about the type of homeowner and flood insurance the purchaser will need. It is so important to be covered in the event of a disaster accidental or natural.