Apple launched a feature called “Sign In With Apple” in 2019, which aimed to allow users the ability to sign up for servers or accounts privately in order to protect their e-mail addresses. Now, the service has been enhanced with a new feature called “Hide My Email.” This new feature is designed to protect users from phishing attacks or marketing spam.

E-mail clients now include automatic spam filters that put these messages in specific folders, but they aren’t necessarily perfect. Spam e-mails can still reach inboxes, and oftentimes, important messages from previously unknown senders can get sent to spam accidentally.

Not to mention, capturing and selling e-mails is a huge business. Phishing e-mails hook many people who unknowingly provide personal information to fraudulent requests. During the global Coronavirus pandemic, phishing jumped 220 percent, according to F5 Labs.

Apple even fell under attack, as several phishing e-mails were sent posing as officials from the technology giant. Now, Apple is fighting back.

Apple users can now create single-use e-mail addresses to use in certain websites thanks to the “Hide My Email” program. New e-mails are automatically made available in the user’s primary e-mail inbox. They can also convert them to a single-use e-mail address to curtail spam messages.

Other platforms are joining the fight against spam as well. 1Password is collaborating with Fastmail to introduce a feature called “Masked Email,” which produces unique e-mail addresses for logins. Users can control all of the different addresses they create by enabling or disabling them. If users suspect their e-mail address is shared, sold, or sent spam, they can simply disable the e-mail altogether.

Cloudfare is another company dedicated to ending e-mail spam and tightening security. The “Cloudfare Email Routing and Email Security DNS Wizard” is  designed to safely and securely protect users from phishing. Cloudfare is free and integrates with Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, Yahoo, and AOL.

Since these mega companies have introduced novel features to protect users from identity theft, phishing, and spam, other businesses will surely follow their lead. Look forward to Internet Service Providers, e-mail services, and platform providers doing the same.

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