Water damage specialists should be called in anytime you find yourself with a water situation.  Whether you have water in the basement, the hot water tank has sprang a leak or a pipe has burst it is best not to attempt the cleanup effort on your own.  Calling in a water damage expert will ensure that the house is cleaned and dried to industry standards to prevent any more issues from arising down the road.

Hiring a professional to handle issues will help with the following:

  • Mold Problems:  When your home has issues with mold it is in your best interest to call in water and mold damage experts.  Leaving mold untreated will only allow it to multiply.  Treating it incorrectly will also lead to more issues.  Structural damage to your home is common when mold issues appear.
  • Mold Detection:  A water damage specialist can help detect if the home has a mold issue.  After a long winter or an incredibly rainy season it is important to hire a water damage specialist to inspect your home.  Things a professional will look for are leaks, water damage and potential damp areas which could harbor wetness that would allow mold growth.
  • Water Removal: If water has leaked into your home via a flood, leak, or broken pipe water specialist will have the equipment necessary for water removal.  Many homeowners think they can take care of the water damage themselves however a specialist will be sure to check for any structural damage that could wreak havoc with a home.
  • Drying: Drying and dehumidifying the areas within the home affected by water damage is a key element in making sure mold damage does not occur after the initial damage that has been done by the water. Specialists bring in high powered fans to thoroughly dry out carpets, rugs, flooring and affected areas within the home. Exposing the home to fresh, circulating air will help with the drying process.
  • Deodorizing:  Water damage leaves a strange odor within the home.  A water damage specialist will go through and deodorize the areas.  Ionizing the area will not cover the scent however will actually completely remove the odor.
  • Restoration: Water damage restoration specialists are the experts in home restoration.  When water has affected the home more likely than not some sort of restoration will need to take place to make the home as good as new.
  • Sanitation Work: Water damage can come from any area in the home with water.  This can mean the toilet, the dishwasher or other plumbing devices.  On most occasions a water damage expert can provide the same services as a plumber with additional cleanup done for the same price if not cheaper.
  • Assessing Damage: It is a safe bet to have all water damage woes assessed by a specialist before any work is done.  A professional can tell you exactly what needs to be done so that you, as a homeowner, get a clear picture of what needs in the home are.