Pool chemicals are essential to the overall functionality of the pool. While crystal-clear, clean swimming pools can be the center of summer fun. Many people focus on wearing sunscreen and keeping everyone safe while swimming, but generally, the chemicals present in pools are an afterthought.

We all know that pool chemicals are meant to disinfect the water, eliminating germs and bacteria. When used properly, chemicals such as chlorine and bromine keep people safe from potential health issues.

Storing, handling, and measuring the pool compounds is vital to maintaining the overall water ecosystem. These chemicals can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. Maintaining basic safety rules when using pool chemicals and equipment is imperative.

Chlorine works in tandem with the pH level (acidity) in pool water to create a safe environment for swimming. However, dirt, organic materials such as skin cells or fecal matter, leaves, sunlight, etc., can quickly lower chlorine levels.

If the pool water has a high pH level, it is more difficult for chlorine to reduce bacteria. The human body has a pH ranging from 7.2 to 7.8; if the pool water is outside this range, swimmers will have irritated skin, red, bloodshot eyes, ear pain, labored breathing, congestion, and/or cough.

According to the CDC, a balanced pool should not smell like chlorine. When a pool smells like a strong chemical, it is usually due to a chemical reaction of sweat, urine, dirt, skin cells, or fecal matter with chlorinated water. To prevent chloramines, ensure swimmers do not have diarrhea, take bathroom breaks, shower before and after getting in the pool, wear a swim cap, and do not urinate in the water.

Below are some tips for safely handling pool chemicals:

  • Add chemicals carefully and handle with care
  • Store chemicals in an extremely dry area away from other chemicals
  • Do not mix chemicals from different years
  • Only use approved pool chemicals
  • Never mix your own chemicals

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