Spring is right around the corner and with it comes important landscaping projects.  The front yard landscape is important because it is the most visible aspect of the yard.  It adds to the homes curb appeal and is seen by every person who enters your home through the front door.  Keep that in mind when you are designing your front yard landscape.

Take the Design Of The Home Into Account

When planning the details of the landscaping choose materials that flow with the homes design.  The large structures, such as the walkway, should complement with the home’s exterior.  A smooth transition between your homes landscape and the exterior of the house will create harmony.

Consider your home’s exterior material.  If your home is made of brick, it is essential to carry the hues of the brick into the landscape.  You may even want to include the same bricks into the walkway.  This will help echo the colors of the home onto the ground and then work on bringing it into the landscaping trees, plants and flowers.  Another way to tie the landscape into the home is to match or echo the color of the roofing.  If you make the dominant color of the landscape the same as the roof color you create an appealing visual to the eye.

Pay Special Attention To The Front Yard Walkways

The walkways in the front yard welcome people to your home.  Take care to create a walkway path that flows with the design of your driveway.  People need to be able to walk on the path without brushing into any elements of the landscape.  Create a path that has room for your landscaping to grow without ending up in the walkway.  Lighting is another way to tie the exterior of the home to the landscape.  Choose solar powered lights that match the lighting of the exterior of the home.  Not only will harmony be created between the landscape and home’s exterior, the use of lighting will make your yard safer too.

Add Some Color

Once the layout is set and the materials for the hard aspects of the landscape are in place it is time to think about the trees, shrubs and plants.  Choosing trees and shrubs you need to make sure to take into account the size that they will become as they mature.  Not only will the tree grow up but also down.  The root system needs room to expand.  Once the trees and shrubs are in place add complimentary colors with flowers.  Take time to consider the amount of sun or shade that will be absorbed.  Choose flowers and plants that fit the area.

Maintenance free plants that come back year after year are the perfect addition to the landscaping.  Plan your landscape so that your annuals are set to peak in color at different times throughout the spring, summer and fall.  This will allow you to get the maximum appeal without the extra expensive of perennials.

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