Peanut butter and jelly, pen and paper, cheese and crackers, all things that just see to go together. Two things that don’t seem like they would go together are pizza and healthy. I will divulge secrets that will turn that into a myth. Nowadays it is possible to choose toppings that will make your pizza healthier than you ever pictured it could be.

Let us start with the base. Everyone thinks pizza must be made with lots of white flour, eggs and oil. I will dispel this myth quickly with some low fat options. I will start with whole wheat flour. Try using whole wheat flour in your crust mixture. The thinner the crust the healthier it will be for you. Another item I like to choose for a super healthy crust option is whole wheat pita bread. This will make sure your pizza still looks like a pizza but adds a healthy crust alternative.

Next let us move into the sauce. Everyone has a different preference in sauce. Some people enjoy thick hearty sauce. Most sauces off the self will contain high amounts of sugar. If you are choosing a sauce from the shelf make sure it contains olive oil, little sugar and contains natural ingredients that you can pronounce. You will not want any ingredients included on the label that you cannot say. I suggest making fresh sauce. It might be more difficult but I promise it will be healthier. Blend Roma tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, lots of garlic and Italian spice. After you remove it from the blender you will have the healthiest sauce for your pizza imaginable.

Toppings and cheese will be the most difficult topping to keep healthy on your pizza. Make sure to keep all blends of cheese healthier by choosing low fat varieties. Another option is to use fresh parmesan instead of any cheese at all. This will give your pizza the hint of cheese flavor without all the calories. When choosing meat toppings think about low fat options such as turkey and chicken. Ham, bacon and sausage are much higher in fat. If you feel these are a must for your pizza just make sure to choose one type and go light. Vegetables are where you can go wild. Cover your pizza with all the onions, peppers, garlic, broccoli, avocados, watercress, squash, and spinach you want. Nuts are also another topping to explore with your pizza. Add some almonds for crunch and health.

I hope you will use these tips the next time your family puts together a pizza night. Choosing healthier options will prevent that feeling we almost always get after eating the fat laden pizza we are accustom to. Healthier options allow natural processing through your body and will leave you ready for some family fun. Enjoy!