Nothing is better than giving a child something personal that will light up their face with a smile. We are in a season, with the economy, that every family is looking to save money where they can. This makes giving a gift that is extra special an absolute must. What makes a gift amazing to the receiver? Think about something you received lately that is amazing. My favorite items are those that are bought and personalized with me in mind. The next time you need to purchase a gift for a child try a personalized toy or a personalized item that makes their independence blossom. Sometimes it is hard to think of just the right item. Hopefully you will see something that sparks your interest in the suggestions I have for you.

I love gifts that are given to my children that are personalized and create independence. I love the idea of a stool with their name painted or engraved on it. I also love the idea of having a picture of a hobby such as soccer on the stool. This gives the child a sense of pride in this item because it was made especially for them. Stools are also great because they allow littler children the freedom of reaching things they often cannot. Isn’t it great when a child can reach the toilet without help or able to get a shirt out of the closet without pulling it down. This gift is perfect for children that are trying to establish an independent spirit.

Another fun gift idea is a personalized clothes rack. These are perfect for dress up items that children would normally store in a spot unseen. When toys are unseen they often go without being played with. Dresses up clothes add funky style to a child’s room so why wouldn’t you want to display them. The perfect way to do this is to compliment your child’s style with a personalized clothes rack. Add their name and the colors of their room. The clothes rack will become an instant hit and will help mom organize dress up clothes to make them accessible for the little ones.

Toy caddies are also becoming popular items to personalize. Little kids love to carry everything they own with them where ever they go. This toy allows for this to happen in an organized fashion. My son has a toy caddy and whenever he is going to grandma’s he loads it up with the toys he wants to play with while he is there. This also allows for all the toys to have a place to live when he is done playing with them wherever he is. Instead of having to find every toy he has brought with him scattered throughout grandma’s house they are all conveniently living in their toy caddy and ready to go home.

There are so many wonderful ideas when it comes to personalizing kids toys. If you can think of it, I imagine, it exists. From chairs, bean bags and backpacks there is something that every child will adore. The fact that you have taken the time to have a personalized kid’s toy made for them will make it their favorite for years to come. Get creative when thinking about those special little people in your life and give a personalized kids toy today.