As uncommon as it is problems can be associated with carpet cleaning.  Many homeowners feel that carpet cleaning is a job that they can tackle themselves.  However, this is a mistake.  Professional carpet cleaners go through intense training and purchase costly machines to make sure that your carpet is cleaned thoroughly.  They are trained in the art of shampooing and wetting the carpet to optimize the solution and cleanliness of the carpets.  Homeowners are not.  This is where problems start to arise.

The most common issue that homeowners run into is over-wetting the carpet.  Over-wetting becomes a problem when equipment is older and the water extractors are not adjusted correctly.  This can leave water to saturate in the carpet.  If the pressure in the extractor is too low the machine will not be able to remove excess water.  The extra moisture in the carpet will travel deep into and under the carpet instead of evaporating into the air.  This causes many issues that are not easy or inexpensive to fix.

The first issue that can arise from over-wetting is delaminating.  This happens when the carpet in the home gets wet and does not properly dry.  When the carpet stays wet for an extended period of time the secondary backing on the carpet will separate from the carpet which ruins the carpet.  It will separate, become crunchy, separate at the seams and will need to be replaces.  This essentially destroys the carpet and leaves the homeowner not able to repair the issue without purchasing new carpet.

Another material that has often been found within the backing of carpet is jute.  When moisture builds up and jute will then shrink and tear.  At this point the homeowner’s carpet is unsalvageable and will need to be replaced.

When carpet cleaning is improperly done and carpet is left wet carpets coloring can bleed.  Discoloration is hard to correct and can be expensive and time consuming if correctable at all.  Not to mention the issues that mold and mildew bring to the table after carpet is wet for more than seventy-two hours.

That could be the most important issue involved with over-wetting carpet.  Carpet can be replaced but health issues involving mold and mildew are often irreversible.  Asthma can be made worse or brought on when individuals are exposed to the toxins that mold spores produce.

Once mold shows up in the carpet the problem is hard to fix.  In order to correct the problem you must eliminate the molds food.  This is of course the moisture within the carpet.  The problem should be addressed by calling in professional home restoration service professionals who deal strictly with carpet.  If the mold damage is unfixable the carpet will need to be removed carefully and the area prepped in order to remove the mold issue from creating future issues.

An easy way to prevent issues form over-wetting and over-shampooing is to call in professional carpet cleaning services when carpet is in need of a deep clean.  These trained professionals bring in state of the art technology and equipment to ensure that your carpet is properly cleaned and dried to prevent issue such as the ones above from happening.  Too much shampoo equals extra water which leads to new carpet in the long run.  It is cheaper and a better use of time to call in the professionals at the start of the job rather than needing expensive restoration services later.