So much goes into home renovations. A lot is dependent on if you are choosing to do the renovations yourself or hiring a professional contractor to do the work. Many people will choose to do some smaller home renovations on their own leaving bigger remodels such as kitchens and bathrooms to the professionals.
No matter what you choose when it comes to your own home one of the first tips I can offer you is to stay organized and keep an eye on the progress of the work. Even if you are working on a home renovation by yourself you will want to keep a checklist on yourself to ensure the project does not drag on forever. Of course flexibility is often needed when it comes to set backs and ordering delays. Don’t let those things throw off the entire timeline of the project. If you are stuck because the flooring has arrived do not let that stop you from completing other finishing touches to keep the momentum.
One great organizing tip I received from a friend is to keep folders for each separate trade. If your project calls for you to have to deal with an electrician, a plumber, and a general handyman you would have three separate folders. In them you then would keep track of contracts, notes and conversations that have taken place. This way if you need to refer back to a conversation you have it at the tip of your fingers. This applies if you are the contractor or if you have hired someone to do the remodel. The great thing is that you will also have at your fingertips these references if you need them later on.
When dealing with different contractors you will want to make sure that your requests are spoken and written. Make sure, for instance, if you hire an electrician they know that so many outlets need to be within a room of each size. It is up to you that if you want them placed in certain areas that you make sure your electrician knows this. If you do not specify what you want they may not place them in locations that are desirable for the way that your room and furniture will be configured.
Another handyman tip is that if you have a painter in to paint the house. Remember that they will not automatically save extra for you to touch up. Make sure that you ask for a container of touch up paint. These are things that your contractor will automatically think of.
There are some areas that will bring you more return on your purchase. These areas include home renovations in areas where the water is such as kitchens and baths. These are areas that people will focus a lot of attention on when they enter your home. Another thing that people look for way before name brand fixtures are is trim work. Money spent on crown molding and trim work done in a professional manner will definitely make your money back in the long run.