Many people when looking into replacement windows are looking into the windows with blinds between the glass. I have heard on more than one occasion someone mention that they were nervous about the cleaning and maintenance of the windows between the glass drapery options. I did a little research on the Pella window website because I am also interested and I found out that it is not much more work than regular windows but that it is less frequent.
There are three different types of snap-in between the glass window options. They include raise and lower Slimshade blinds, fabric shades and decorative panels. The first step in the cleaning process is locating the hinges for the glass panel. They are located on the top and bottom interior casement of the window. You need to release the latches by sliding them up or down the channel until you hear or feel them release. Then you will pull the perimeter of the frame and this will open to the panel. So far I am impressed. I like that I do not have to remove the glass panel completely. I would be so afraid of someone falling into it if I needed to place it on the ground.
The panels are very easy to care for. The windows with blinds between the glass need to be in the open position. Next you can remove any dust build up if there is any with a vacuum cleaner curtain attachment. If you see any smudges or dirt you may use a warm cloth to wipe away the dirt. However if a major cleaning needs to done, which really shouldn’t because the blinds are so well encased, take a tray of warm water and mild soap and dip the blinds in. You can then rinse them with clean water and air dry them before placing them back in.
Windows with fabric shades between the glass can be cleaned using the vacuum and drapery attachment. It is important that if you need to use cleaner on the shades that you choose a product that has a non ammonia base. Ammonia will damage the fabric. In order to keep the between the glass fabric shades from fraying check them over after each cleaning. You will want to use fabric repair glue if you see that any fraying has begun on you fabric inserts.
It is important that when cleaning the decorative window panel options for your window to pick a day that is cool and dry. If the temperature is high or the hot sun is out wait to clean them. You will want to dust the dirt off with a soft sponge that has been placed in a mild soap and water mixture. You will want to thoroughly rinse with clean water and carefully blot them dry with soft clean towels. It is important that you never rub the panels for they are easily scratched. It is also important not to use a scraper or squeegee. Another tip is to never leave the panels soaking or never power wash them. It will ruin the panels.
I am starting to love the idea of having windows with blinds between the glass. I love the idea if I ever tire of the blinds I can switch them out and replace them with shades or decorative panels. The feature allows a lot of variety and can be changed depending on your mood, the season or the ever changing décor of a room.