High-tech trends are everywhere: from smart devices such as cellphones, doorbells, and garage doors, our houses are filled with these technological advancements. Just when you thought it was unlikely our homes could get any smarter, the next automation has been unveiled, poised to take over the smart home industry: moveable pool floors. 

While swimming pools have been around for thousands of years, the innovation that surrounds them has been mediocre at best. Pool heaters, lights, jets, and more have undoubtedly added a luxurious feel, but beyond the basic upgrades, pools have yet to see a significant leap in technological advancements. 

Swimming pools can be under or above ground, but either way, the surface area is exclusively devoted to the pool. Now, a simple patio can give way to a full-size swimming pool. Imagine pressing a button and watching the water flow across the moveable floor as the tiles fade into a tropical blue, and suddenly a pool miraculously appears. 

Moveable pool floors are executed thanks to a multitude of cables, a pulley system, and a water-based hydraulic cylinder. The base has a bearing capacity of over 100 kg per square meter, and buoyancy devices allow the pool floor to float to the surface. All moving parts are concealed in the floor frame, allowing a high level of safety and a pristine appearance.

The pool depth is fully adjustable, and it takes approximately four to five minutes for the space to be transformed into a full-sized swimming pool. 

Some of the benefits associated with moveable pool floors include the following: 

Safety: Water depth can easily be manipulated, decreasing the chances of accidents.

Energy: In a raised position, the moveable pool floor prevents water evaporation, heat loss, and ensures lower heating costs through insulation.

Convenient: Moveable floors are controlled by a button, touch panel, or mobile device.

Sleek: Flexible functionality of space, architectural integrity, and endless customizations are a plus.


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