Snow removal is one of the most challenging aspects of cold weather climates.  Anyone who lives where snow is abundant knows the trials and tribulations that go along with large snow falls and efficiently removing the snow from walk ways and driveways.  If you are one of the lucky few you will have a professional at your beck and call to plow you out and ensure that you’re guaranteed accessibility to your home and main road ways.  However this is not always the case.  Some people prefer to save some money and go it themselves only resorting to a snowplowing service company for large snowfalls.  Here are some tips for those do it yourself types when shoveling snow.

1)      When snow shoveling be sure to only pick up a half scoop of snow each time.  This keeps you from burning out quickly and will allow you to stay injury free.

2)      When dealing with large chunks of snow and ice that are frozen together attempt to break the large piece into several pieces. Although this may be rough on your hands and arms it will save your back.

3)      Shovel the snow as it falls.  This will save you from the mass of snow that happens after the snow has fallen and become heavy through the night.  If it is allowed to become wet and harden it will be heavier to shovel.

When it comes to anything over three inches of snow and you have not been able to keep up as it has come down the best option is to look into your snow plowing options.  This is especially true when looking at longer driveway surfaces and private side streets.