State Electric Company has a new website! We plan to keep you up-to-speed with the latest news, tips/tricks, updates, and information on our blog. State Electric Co. is proud to be a full-service electrical contractor for residential and commercial properties. Our team consists of project managers, engineers, safety managers, quality assurance managers, and site supervisors, giving you an organized, efficient, and safe delivery of your electrical needs.

Check out some of our renowned services:

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Install: Need an electric vehicle charger installed or want to purchase one? Unsure about the varying levels? Look no further! State Electric Co. is a certified installer for all available EV chargers on the market today. We’ve designed and installed EV chargers for many customers from municipal, commercial/industrial complexes, the hospitality industry, apartments/multi-unit housing, and residential homes.
  • Solar Panel Install: going green? We can size and install a solar panel system that fits your budget. With the ever-changing needs for electricity on demand, solar energy can offset your costs and deliver consistent electrical power using solar panels and battery storage. At State Electric, our design team works with customers and provides solutions that will offset high electrical costs while meeting constant power demands. Whether it is rooftop, ground mount panels, or tied into battery storage and phased with a backup generator; we can provide options for your energy needs.
  • Automatic Backup Generators: Standby generators ensure that you’ll never be without power. Get yours today! Mother nature and the increasingly high demand of the electrical grid causes inconsistencies in our power supply, usually in the least opportune time. The team at State Electric can provide solutions for backup generators and automatic transfer switches to provide a seamless transition when power is unavailable from the grid.
  • Battery Powerwalls: Recharge and store extra solar power generated through your insolation panel system.
  • Lighting: From parking lots to new construction lighting installation and upgrades, contact us for a job done right!
  • Electrical Service Upgrades: Have an obsolete electrical system that keeps shorting out? We’ll modernize your components safely.
  • Electrical Service & Repairs: Our qualified and fully insured electrical contractors prioritize safety and will put you at peace of mind.
  • Security Camera Installations: Whether for a home, business, or municipality, our crew installs high-quality security camera systems.

Even more of our services include:

  • Design/Engineering/Build
  • New Construction
  • Remodeled Homes and Businesses
  • Smart Electric Tech Design
  • Telephone/TV/Alarms, etc.
  • Fire Alarms
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Data Lines
  • Access Controls

To learn more or schedule an appointment for one of our services, contact State Electric Company  today!

State Electric Company is a leader in the electrification of the nation. Our highly educated and experienced team of professionals uses industry-leading software technology and has partnered with manufacturers to deliver affordable solutions for all your electrical needs. With our combined, extensive knowledge in renewable energy sources through solar and battery storage, the team at State Electric works together to provide customers, large and small, with efficient electrical solutions. We specialize in smart electrical panels, EV chargers, battery storage, microgrids, and emergency generators with automatic transfer switches to ensure that all your energy needs are affordable and safely met.

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