When it comes to surviving in the wilderness there are a few essential items that you must carry with you.  Whether you are planning a day hike or an overnight excursion, mishaps occur.  This list of supplies will help to ensure that you are never without the necessities that will make it possible to survive until you can get where you need to be or can be rescued safely.

It is important no matter how long or short your intended adventure you take along a carry all such as a backpack.  The pack will allow you to safely store the necessities.  Let’s face the facts; carrying everything you need in your hands and pockets is just not feasible.  A pack will allow you to carry in the necessities as well as provide storage for items you may find along the way.

The first item to put into the pack is a knife.  A knife has so many different uses from general everyday camp activities to finding food in a survival situation.  A pocket knife along with a fixed blade survival knife is your best options.  Sheaths for carrying knives around your leg or waist are available and will free up space in your pack.  A knife increases your chance of survival ten-fold. They are useful in cutting rope, creating weapons, building shelter, creating fire starter and so much more; all that assist in your survival if the need arises.

Paracord is also important to bring with you on all outdoor adventures.  Paracord bracelets have become a popular option to carry and are readily available for purchase online at knife outlets and survival websites.  550 paracord bracelets are lightweight and take up little space.  You can wear one on your wrist as well as add one to your camp pack.  They can be used to make emergency shelter, splints for injured bones, fishing line, and help with securing food out of the reach of wildlife as well as trapping.

When it comes to camping a water canteen and purification tabs are absolutely needed.  When you go without water you dehydrate.  If you dehydrate you will die.  Enough said.  Water is a must and finding clean water in the wilderness or a way to purify water by boiling it is pretty impossible.  A water canteen will give you a place to store water that is purified using purification tabs or a purification filter.

Signaling tools are also important to carry in your pack.  A flashlight with a solar power charger is important as well as emergency whistles and waterproof matches.  A fire can provide a signal to those trying to find you as well as heat and an area to cook fish or wildlife that is caught.

A compass, tarp and first aid kit are all important pieces to add to your backpack before you leave on any adventure.  Make sure you are familiar with the basics in using a compass as well as basic first aid.  A tarp is important to provide shelter from the elements.

Last but not least, something that can’t be carried in your pack, bring along a friend.  If this is not possible and a solo adventure is planned leave behind a detailed plan of your endeavor just in case you don’t arrive home when you are expected.  A detailed plan will give rescuers an estimate on where to begin searching for you.  When minutes can mean the difference between life and death it is important that people start looking in the right direction from the start.

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