Pools are not meant to freeze; if they do, substantial damage can result. As water freezes, it expands, putting pressure on various pool components such as pipes, filters, tubes, and pumps. These delicate aspects of a pool are not made to withstand heavy pressure, so they will inevitably crack or break. Repairing broken pool parts can be costly, depending on the damage. 

When a pool freezes, the pipes that transfer water to and from the pump and filter system are especially vulnerable since they can crack or burst under pressure due to ice. Another issue when frost or a heavy freeze hits a pool is that the filter system can become clogged and damaged. 

Moreover, the pool pump can get ruined in freezing temperatures. The pump is what circulates water throughout the pool. If the pump gets damaged, the pool will not adequately circulate, causing blockages. 

Lastly, freezing temperatures can be responsible for ripping, cracking, or rupturing the pool liner. This is a particularly expensive aspect of the pool, as it is a crucial component that holds the water in place. 

Power outages can also be detrimental to a pool during a freeze. If pool owners are unable to utilize electricity to keep their pools running/warm, severe freeze damage can result. 

To reduce the risk of freeze damage to pool equipment, take notice of the following: 

Run the Pump
Ensure all pumps are running while temperatures drop below freezing. If a controller is equipped, it should automatically take over, turn on the pumps, and rotate between pool/spa mode. If there is no controller on your pool, you will need to shift through this process on your own manually.  

No Power
If you lose power to the pool and temperatures are below freezing: 

  • Turn off all pool equipment breakers 
  • Open the filter air relief, removing the drain plug
  • Open and drain the inline chlorinator
  • Turn off auto-fill, making sure the feed line is wrapped 
  • Open the salt cell and remove water inside the pipe
  • Remove check valve lids
  • Unplug and remove salt chlorine generator cells

Always call your local pool professional for assistance if needed. To avoid damaging the equipment or pool itself, it is imperative to meticulously handle a pool freeze situation.


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