Detroit is close to completing Michigan’s first 3D-printed home, a significant milestone in the state’s housing industry. The residence, located in Detroit’s Islandview neighborhood, is a two-bedroom, one-bath single-family house with a green stucco exterior, spanning 1,000 square feet. Developed by the nonprofit Citizen Robotics, this project represents a significant step forward in construction technology, aiming to be more cost-effective and energy efficient.

This innovative home was constructed using a refurbished robot from the auto industry to print its exterior walls and other parts. The process involves layering a special mortar to create the structure, showcasing a shift towards digital and sustainable construction methods. The 3D printing technique is praised for its efficiency, requiring fewer people, taking less time, and being less expensive than traditional construction methods. It also boasts greater strength and resilience against major storms.

Despite the advanced technology, the cost of this 3D-printed home, set to be sold for $224,500, is higher than the median home price in Detroit. However, long-term savings are expected for homeowners through reduced energy and maintenance costs. The project, funded and supported by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, is seen as a pilot for future developments.

The broader 3D home printing industry in the U.S. is gaining traction, with numerous projects nationwide, including a 100-home development in Texas. This method addresses challenges like material costs, labor shortages, and environmental concerns in traditional construction. As the industry evolves, it is expected to become more accessible and cost-effective, potentially reshaping the future of home building. Citizen Robotics and other innovators in this field are optimistic about the potential of 3D-printed homes to provide sustainable, affordable housing solutions.


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