Providing online services is popular these days, and when you’re looking for a website design company, there are literally thousands of choices in front of you. Everybody from Joey the high-school student to Susan the former postal worker is trying to make extra money, and because performing basic web design services requires nothing more than a can-do attitude and a bit of trial and error, many of today’s website design service providers are individuals, oftentimes disguised as bigger than they really are.

Especially in Michigan, where the economy is in a poor state, website design services abound. However, when you’re looking for a Michigan-based website design company, and one that is established at that, how do you go about finding one of these local website designers?

Verify that they are a Michigan-based company

Many business owners and individuals use classified ads, and classified ad websites, such as, to locate the services they need. However, many of the advertisements for website design services, whether they targeting Lansing, Grand Rapids, or Detroit, are out-of-state website designers. While quite a few of them are near-Michigan companies, almost as many are for states on the other side of the country. When you visit the website designer’s website, check out their contact information to verify whether they are a Michigan-based company or not.

Do they have an active website?

Hiring a website designer without a website is a lot like hiring a photographer without any pictures — it doesn’t make sense. It’s ironic, actually, that a fair number of self-professed web designers don’t currently have an active website online. The story is usually the same — they’re working on it. However, if you’re looking for a reliable website design company, don’t choose one that does not have a website of their own.

Do they have a physical office?

Running a service-based business online, like website design, is nothing like running a brick and mortar company. Offices, especially if there are employees involved, require hundreds or thousands of dollars per month to maintain whereas anybody with $15 and a credit card, or bank card, can setup a website online. While some website design firms operate out of the owner’s home, and plenty of legitimate businesses operate this way, if a design company has a verifiable brick and mortar office location, there’s a good chance that they are dedicated, professional, and should at least be a serious candidate for your web design company of choice.

Michigan has a lot of website designers to choose from, if for no other reason than there are a lot of people in the state looking to make extra money. However, this short list of qualifiers should help you to narrow your choices down when you’re looking for a Michigan website design company.

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