Researching health insurance for you or a loved one can prove to be quite difficult.  This is true with Medicare and supplemental plans as well.  The hard part of choosing coverage is deciphering what each policy actually covers or doesn’t.  The one thing we do know is that having health insurance, no matter the age is important.  Without it you could be leading a path into financial ruin.  This applies to seniors as well.  We don’t financially plan for a disaster to occur when thinking about retirement.  Making sure you have the right medical coverage, including Medicare supplemental insurance is essential.

When you are handling the application details for your Medicare coverage it is important to be on top of the process.  Waiting to enroll can cost you with late enrollment fees.  You should start receiving information the year before you turn sixty-five, the age which Medicare eligible individuals can start participating in the Medicare program. If you have not received information you can check online to find out more.

With Medicare an important fact to know is that the supplemental plans are all the same no matter what insurance provider you choose to purchase it through.  Medicare supplement plan G is the same plan through any insurance company the difference may come about in the amount you pay to purchase the insurance.  It is odd but yes the coverage is the same although the rate may not be.  Seems odd right?  A great way to find the coverage you want at the price you are willing to pay is online.

Sites are available online that offer Medicare eligible participants to input some minor information such as age, city, tobacco use and come up with prices on Medicare supplemental insurance as well as providers in their area.  Most sites also offer a side by side comparison of the supplemental plans with a convenient, toll free number to call for assistance.

One thing to remember when purchasing Medicare supplement insurance as well as any other health insurance plan is that the amount you pay is more than just the monthly premium.  You will want to take into account the monthly amount as well as the co-pay for each visit to the doctor or hospital.  Each supplemental plan covers differently and co-pays and deductibles on all supplemental plans differ.  It is important to research exactly what you will be paying monthly as well as out of pocket if something does happen that requires you to use the Medicare supplement plan.

Another thing to consider is if the doctors you currently use are able to be seen with the Medicare parts and plans you choose.  For instance, with the Medicare Advantage Plan only doctors who contract their services with Medicare can be seen.  These doctors have pre-approved a set dollar amount per services that Medicare has agreed upon as long as you see a certain circle of doctors.  This may not bode well if you have been with your doctor for 30 plus years and are not wanting such a drastic change in health care providers at this point in time.

Finding the right health insurance does take time, research and patience. The benefits of purchasing the coverage that will most benefit you can mean a world of difference for your future health and financial future.  It is important that you choose reputable sources for information and work with companies that offer assistance via telephone as well as online.  Often times directly speaking with advisor will help clear up any confusion you may have.