Where do you store things that treasured such as holiday paraphernalia, off season clothes, toys, sports equipment and all of life’s accumulated stuff?  The basement is the area in most people’s homes that stores the goods that are important but not needed on a daily basis.    So when a sump pump fails and water damage occurs how do you start the cleanup to repair your space and belongings? How can you protect yourself from sump pump failure in the future?  This article will look into way to clean up and prevent future water damage due to sump pump failure.

Prevention is the key in any catastrophe.  Was there something that could have been done sooner to prevent the issue from occurring in the first place?  Regular maintenance to your sump pump can help prevent failure.  One way to do this is to check for built up debris in the pump.  This can happen when small toys or debris are left to sit and hinder the float device in the sump pump from working.  The float needs to be tested frequently as it took can wear out without the help of kid toys and debris. The float allows the pump to start and stop as needed.  It is essential that the float is in proper working order for the sump pump to continue working as it should.

Regular cleaning of the weep hole is also encouraged in order to keep the pump functioning normally.  You can clean the weep hole using tooth picks or a small tool to remove excess debris.  Whatever you do be careful not to break anything inside the weep hole as this will hinder the function of the pump.

The impeller is a small filter that can easily be clogged with debris.  If you hear a whining noise this is the first thing you check.  It might just need a good cleaning however you will need to check and make sure the impeller has a good connection to the pump.  Most impellers are connected with blots.

The water in the sump pump can become stagnant causing a foul odor to be emitted. By filling the basin with a bleach and water mixture.  Doing this and filling the basin will cause the pump to cycle and help eliminate any odor.  Another great idea in preventing sump pump failure is a backup power supply that kicks on automatically if the power fails.  This is an expensive option but will be paid for during the first storm and power outage.

What do you do if your sump pump fails and you are looking at a basement full of water damage?  The first thing that needs to be accomplished is fixing the pump.  Make sure you unplug electrical devices. Once the water is being pumped out evaluate the damage.  If it is minimal bring the damaged items into a dry space and turn a fan on them.  However, if the damage is significant you will want to call in the professionals.  Water damage can be worsened if not properly dealt with.  The last thing you want to be handling after a sump pump failure is mold remediation so make sure the water is cleaned up properly the first time.