Automatic gates and fenced in yards are a great luxury.  Many people use fences and gates to keep animals and children from escaping and to keep wild animals and intruders out.  Automatic gates are safe in general.  Problems can occur during installation and after however with proper installation and care gates and fence systems should withstand the test of time.

Many questions come about when thinking about fencing in a yard.  The first thing to consider is regulations with putting in the fence and gate.  Make sure the community you live within allows for this and ask about specific height regulations, design regulations and other specifications that must be met.  It is important to have a permit for the installation of an automatic gate and fence.  An inspector from the city will come out and evaluate the property.

It is imperative that the use of an automated gate does not hinder access to the property for emergency vehicles.  The gate must open wide enough for these vehicles to enter without issue.  It is also important that the fence stays within community standards and does not inhibit the view of oncoming traffic and allows for a safe exit and entrance to the property.

Issues arise with the installation of the gate and fence when improperly grounded.  It is imperative that the company installing the electric gate and fence is the use of grounding rods.  If left improperly installed it can be a safety hazard for pets and humans alike.

Automatic gates have been known on occasion to experience technical issues because of interference.  Issues that can arise include loss of electricity or a spike in electricity.  Automatic gates can lose the ability to open and close if the power is out through a technical difficulty.  This is rare however can happen and is an issue to think about when considering an automatic gate.

Another drawback to fences and automatic gates is that it does not teach children and animals safe boundaries.  This is important because the fence could accidently be left open and then clear boundaries for staying within the yard are not present.

The pros however are significant when considering installation of a fence and automatic gate.  Automatic gates do offer security and peace of mind.  They make a home less of a target to break into because of the extra security present in the presence of the fence and gate. It also offers security in the sense that children can play outside without parents worrying about strangers entering the premises or children exiting.  Fencing puts a solid barrier between the outside world and the home.

When thinking about an automatic gate you will need to look at two very different gate operating systems the slide gate and swing gate.  Both have advantages and drawbacks.  Swing gates give a more elegant look and feel and require less maintenance overall.  However, slide gates offer less ability to enter a residence by force and offer more options in how the gate is accesses.  It is important to think about the space in which the fence and gate will be installed and purchase accordingly.

When looking at the expense of a fence and automatic gate it is important to remember you will recoup money from the fence purchase in the resale value it adds to your home.  Consumers who have installed fence and gate systems have seen property values rise anywhere from ten to twenty percent.  This is a home renovation that will add value through extra protection for your family and financial gain upon selling.