Remodeling your kitchen may seem overwhelming, and the options for you to choose from may add to this daunting sense. Before you get started, keep in mind the primary functions of your kitchen: to cook, to eat and drink, to store food and supplies, and fellowship. Determine what you must have (storage, a double sink, etc.) and what you want (a work desk, a super-sized island for making noodles.) A great remodel job incorporates functionality with an appealing design that feeds the aesthetic taste of most individuals.

Pay attention to how things will blend together, from the lighting to the flooring, and showcase certain select details that will unearth your style. Read on to learn some tips for making your kitchen remodel a success:

How will your kitchen function? Will it be more of a culinary area with a few bar stools, or will there be more of a seating area? If a dining room is also a part of your floor plan, ensure your layout between both spaces is complementary rather than incongruent. 

Added storage is a must in kitchen design. Extra plates and small appliances can be hidden under drawers and cabinets, and pantry items can be stored behind doors. Large drawers can be placed at a lower level to help with access, and pull-out drawers are great for heavy or bulkier items. 

From transparent glass-front to opaque solid wood, cabinets are a crucial part of kitchen design. If you have some fine china to display or, rather, grubby little handprints you want to be less-noticeable, consider all the pros and cons when choosing.  

The latest lighting trend includes a mix of styles such as pendants, chandeliers, or recessed lights. All of these options – and more – provide different settings based on mood and functionality. Consider under-cabinet lighting for more accessibility. 

Brass, silver, chrome, brushed stainless, etc., are all common finishes in a kitchen design. Matte black can be striking and bold, while warm-toned metals such as gold can be inviting. Ensure your hardware matches the faucets so everything is consistent. 

While white marble is difficult to maintain, stainless steel can bow or scratch. Quartz is durable, and granite can withstand high heat. Natural stone can contrast with quartz, as well. The options are endless, but with so many selections come different advantages and disadvantages. Be aware of what each countertop can withstand before making a final decision. 

The latest trend is to use the same flooring as the surrounding living area to create a more open feel. Carpeting, however, is not sought after in kitchens, so be mindful of how your new floor will connect with the surrounding area. 

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