Don’t be fooled by the technology surrounding us – marketing still matters. Businesses of all sizes can use tried-and-true tactics to attract new customers, lock in brand awareness, create notoriety, and much more. Read on to discover some creative ways to increase your company’s visibility. 

Be A Sponsor
Call your city council or community center to learn about future events, and then offer to sponsor them. Look for children’s sports teams, canned food drives for humans or pets, trade shows, grocery store carts, etc. 

Give Away Branded Merchandise
One of the most effortless ways to help get your business’ name and logo in the public eye is to give away items with your logo on it. Consider getting banners, signs, flyers, postcards, and other handheld materials for your clients. 

Social media is a must for all companies trying to reel in more customers. According to Fundera, 74 percent of consumers rely on social media to sway their purchases. 

Remember the good ol’ buzz-creating sweepstakes of yesteryear? They still exist; only now, they mainly run through social media. Offer a special item (tablet, gift card, expensive coffee machine, headphones, etc.) as a prize, and watch the entries come in. 

Establish Loyalty
Implementing referral discounts on products or services can help promote exclusivity. Build a refer-a-friend program, offer special codes, add incentives, etc. Publish these on social media or send a physical postcard blast throughout neighborhoods to hook potential clients.  

After brainstorming some marketing strategies, create a plan while staying true to your brand. Choose the techniques that make the most sense for your business and can really showcase your brand. Marketing is an ever-evolving strategy; trust the process and be as creative as possible.

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Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems: