Most people searching the Internet these days have no idea when they place a keyword or phrase in the search box how Google, or any other search engine, choose what sites to show as results.  It may seem like a mystery however, there is a lot that goes into determining what ranking a website is.  When looking to get your company’s website on the front page of any major search engine it is wise to have an understanding of what it takes to get it there.

The world of search engine placement is complex.  Optimizing your website for the best search engine placement takes an understanding of exactly what search engines are looking for in websites on the front page.  If you hire a professional search engine optimization team of experts that promises instant results turn the other way.  Top search engine rankings come from a well designed website, a backend with supportive Meta tag, link building and time.

Here are some key elements to help companies in the quest for optimal website search engine placement.

  • The first aspect I will begin with is the website itself.  A company must focus on building an easy to use, informative website.  Text within the website must contain accurate information containing keywords specific to the websites topic.

The next element of the website that must be in sync is not even a visible element.  The Meta tags used to describe your site must be accurate and contain key terms that you are looking to be ranked for.  It is important to include cities, states and different ways to paraphrase your topic coded into the back end of the site.  This makes the site relevant to the search engines and in term helps to index your site.


  • As mentioned above key anchor text linking back to your website is important.  The words used to promote your site should be terms that will continually be linked back to your site.  Your site should contain the chosen keywords as will the links outside of the site used to drive traffic to your site.


  • The more “popular” your site is the better it will do in search engines as well.  This being said, what does that really mean?  What this tells us is that if your site is mentioned or linked on other well ranked pages throughout the Internet than their ranks link to you bring the popularity of you site up as well.  Pages are ranked using a system of 1-10.  The higher the page rankings you have and your site is linked to the better search engine rankings you will have.


  • Time also helps in ranking your website.  With time and keeping the information on the website relevant you will improve your search engine rankings. With time and patience this will work to improve your web presence.


  • When building a site take into consideration that adding a link back to the home page from each page within your site.  This will also help with search engine placement.


  • Keywords are a one of the most important elements to have high search engine rankings.  When choosing keywords to focus each page of your website around ensure ultimate success by also adding all of these into the home page of your website.  The home page is your website summary and therefore should act as one.

There is a lot that goes into having a website place well amongst search engines.  Your search engine placement is key to the growth of your business online.  People don’t look past the first page to find what they are searching for.  If your site is good however missing elements in any way you can find yourself on the fifth page of the search engine.  This will do nothing for the growth of your business online.  The goal in search engine rankings is to land on the first page.  Follow the steps above or look for professionals who specialize in search engine placement and see growth, with time, in your websites rankings.