For all businesses it is important to have an online presence.  Having a website is one step of this valuable process however not an end all.  In order to have success your website needs to be easily found, attractive and easy to navigate.  Search engine placement is the one thing that allows your site to be easily found when using major search engines.  SEO will not come from having a site up and running.  Your search engine placement will only come out on top with consistent upgrades and consent changes to match your site to current algorithms to increase recognition on major search engines.

The basics in search engine come down to four basic steps; finding keywords, optimize individual web pages, current and high ranked pages that contain inbound links to your site and submission of your site to search engines.  It sounds fairly simple however it is truly better to set yourself up with a professional search engine company.  This will help ensure your site does not become black listed.  Blacklisting often happens when a company uses “illegal” tactics to get ranked quickly which causes Google to blacklist the site.  Search engine rankings can only come from consistency and progressive upgrades.

The first issue to deal with is keyword optimization.  This is incredibly difficult.  I know it sounds like a simple step, if you are working on fixing computers you would think simply all people type computer repair in Google.  This is not always true.  Yes computer repair is a real term that should be connected but there are others to consider as well.  There are specific repairs people often think about when visualizing what needs to be done to their computer.  For instance, virus removal, screen repair, internet connection issues and so on.  The same happens in every distinct field.  When you are close to the field your website is designed around you often forget about the non-technical aspects that people will use to find you.

Each page within your website should be directed at a keyword phrase up to four phrases can be included to maximize the effectiveness from search engines.  It is important to include the key word you are after in the text, headings and code within the pages.  Another important trick to the trade, if you are not a global company is to also work the area you are working within into the back end and on page keyword optimization.

Next is to think about the inbound links.  These are the pages that you use to promote your keywords.  This can be done through article marketing, business listings, blog post or several other options.  It is important that your inbound links come from pages with increased page ranks.  It will not help if you use pages that are not ranked or ranked below a two for your inbound links.  It is possible to find page ranks of every page you are considering using by checking with a page ranking tool that can be found on Google.  Your inbound links are better received by Google if they are ranked in the range of three to six.

Lastly the issue of submitting your website there are several ways you can do this.  The best, but most time consuming is to hand list your website individually throughout different search engines.  Hiring a company to do this for you will save you a ton of time plus they are aware of each and every search engine that will benefit your site.