When it comes to the aging population and the issues they face many come to mind that are worthy of upgrading but two in particular that are important to consider immediately.  The installation of bathroom safety features such as a barrier frees hower and grab bars as stabilizers as well as having an aluminum handicap rampinstallation service company to install a ramp designed for your home and porch.
The most important matter in ageing in place is to create the safest environment possible for loved ones. A barrier free shower allows for an individual’s privacy and safety needs to be met.  Often barrier free showers accommodate walking aides such as wheelchairs & walkers and offer seating to accommodate legs that cannot stand long.  The shower head is one that can be removed and held by hand to reach those hard to get spots and be within reach of the individual.
Aluminum handicap ramp installation to the homes porch and entrances is important to allow the freedom of entering and exiting the home without barriers even when assisted with walking aides such as a walker, cane or wheel chair.  Aging in place is all about creating a space that allows for freedom and safety.  Consider these two options when looking at ways to upgrade the space in which you or your loved one with age within.