The higher the credit score, the better. This is a general rule of thumb for many aspects of life, especially when applying for a mortgage. If you have found yourself questioning your credit, here are some proactive measures you can take to improve it.

Increase your Credit Card Limit
A simple and effective way to boost your credit score is to increase your available credit. If you have credit cards open, all you have to do is raise the limit on them. In time, your credit scores should increase as your utilization lowers. You can increase your credit card limit over the phone or online through your credit card provider. The company might ask you to enter your gross annual income or housing payment. This process can take a minute or so but will need to be done at least three months prior to applying for a mortgage. Card issuers might need to access your credit report, which could temporarily affect your credit score.

Lower Your Credit Utilization
Credit utilization is the percentage of credit you are using at any time. A lower utilization rate (debt-to-income ratio) is typically what credit bureaus and mortgage lenders look for. With higher credit limits, as long as you are spending less (or the same amount before the limit was raised), your credit score will rise. If your credit card balances are low, your chances of being approved are higher.

Pay Off Existing Balances
Any prior loans or credit card balances that can be paid off or lowered will free up available credit. Since your minimum payment will be reduced in the process, your Debt-to-Income Ratio will decrease, giving your credit scores a boost. Smaller credit balances make way for your income to go toward a mortgage payment.

Work In Advance
Credit limit increases could result in a hard inquiry on your credit report. When these reviews take place, your credit can be slightly lowered. Thankfully, this is temporary, so try to go through with any of the above-mentioned strategies several months before applying for a mortgage. You can also ask your credit company to determine whether the application will result in a hard or soft pull on your credit.

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