With just a couple of weeks of winter left, it’s time to execute your long-awaited landscaping plans. Green grass is on the horizon, but why should you hire a landscaping company to manage your business’ appearance? Read on for the answer.

One of the greatest American traditions is maintaining a gorgeous, lush lawn with plenty of flowers and accent bushes or trees throughout. Companies typically utilize professional landscapers to create a fresh, open, welcoming environment for prospective customers.

The cost of maintaining your own landscape far outweighs the investment in a professional company. From purchasing a commercial lawnmower, weed whacker, trimmer, edger, gas, oil, etc., the costs are high. Add labor to those essential expenditures, and you’re looking to spend thousands of dollars on lawn equipment and then must find someone to run the machines, not to mention liability insurance.

Once you find someone to work full-time on your lawn, without any training or prior experience, they can surely inadvertently ruin what might already be a good thing. Without education and knowledge, laypeople cannot accurately maintain your commercial property.

Hedges, floral aspects, grass maintenance, etc., are all immensely vital to achieving a pristine commercial lawn. It’s imperative to keep all of these aspects in mind, know how to maintain and care for them properly, and perform maintenance as necessary, without over- or under-doing it.

In contrast, hiring a professional landscaping company takes little- to no time, saves you money in the long run, and avoids your headache of finding a full-time employee who may-or-may-not know how to actually maintain your environment.

Lawn care professionals will:

  • Cut your lawn
  • Provide expert advice
  • Show up regularly
  • Trim hedges
  • Edge sidewalks, pathways, walkways, etc.
  • Minimize liability for business owners
  • And much more!

Are you looking to hire a commercial property maintenance company? Look no further – T&T Property Maintenance, INC. has the professionals you can depend on!

T&T Property Maintenance has been visualizing, creating, and maintaining commercial properties since 1997. We offer a vast number of services for our clients, including lawn and landscape maintenance, irrigation set up and repair, fertilization, weed and pest control, snow plowing and salting, and tree trimming and stump grinding. We are licensed with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, so you can rest assured we will do the job right – every time. We work with commercial businesses of any size and offer our services in seasonal or yearly packages, and a la carte. For over 20 years, we believe a satisfied customer is the only kind of customer. Check out our website, call, or e-mail us today to learn more.

Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: www.cpsmi.com.