You’ve decided to sell your home and want to maximize its resale value. Remodeling is an excellent way to do this. But what works and what doesn’t? These decisions are critical, so we’ve provided a few pointers for you on do’s and don’ts when remodeling your house for resale.

Remodeling Do’s

Remodel Your Kitchen

A tired, worn kitchen is not going to help sell your house. This home area is one of the more obvious places to start, but you should be cautious.

  • Try not to tailor changes too much to your specific taste—potential buyers may not share it.
  • Keep to the existing layout. Knocking out walls and moving plumbing will add to the cost and offset any gains you make on resale value.
  • Use neutral colors. Clean, neutral colors accentuate the kitchen’s space and appeal to buyers.

Add Extra Living Space

Knocking external walls down and building new rooms may seem expensive, but it can be worthwhile. It’s a sure way to add value beyond the cost of the remodel, but you need to take care that you are adding functional space that’s big enough to appeal to potential buyers. Conservatories are an excellent option.

Remodel the Primary Bedroom

The primary bedroom is one of the top rooms that buyers consider. New flooring or a new en-suite can be a great way to add value here.

Revitalize Your Bathroom

Potential buyers will always consider bathrooms, especially the main ones. A new bathroom suite and flooring can boost your chances of getting your asking price. Also, think about remodeling secondary bathrooms if you have the budget.

Remodeling Don’ts

You might be tempted to do a few things that don’t offer a great return on your budget. These include:


Although pools are attractive to some buyers, they are costly to install and maintain. The maintenance costs alone may put off some buyers.

Kids rooms

Every parent wants to put their kids’ personalities in a space, so don’t waste your budget going crazy with these rooms. Some buyers might not even see additional bedrooms as kids’ spaces.

Specialist rooms

A wine room or a games room might appeal to you, but it won’t to every buyer. Outside of the core use rooms, keep additional spaces plain and neutral so buyers can look at them and imagine their preferred room use.

No matter the size or expense of a home renovation, the personal joy and functionality of the space for you and your family should be the ultimate deciding factor for any home project. The decision is always yours alone to make and will need to decide the actual value of the remodel not only from a resale standpoint. Keeping these ideas in mind may help you choose where to spend each dollar wisely during a project.


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