Making the most of your home is the theory in our country right now.  It used to be every five years people could upgrade but now with the hit on the housing community people are staying put and making the most out of their homes.  This includes remodels, home additions, landscaping and everything and anything to make your home into the palace you crave.  Why go on vacations where you live in the lap of luxury and come home to the everyday so-so life.  Create that luxury within your home and continue to enjoy the time you spend in it with your family.

What remodeling investments are trendy right now that will improve the value on your home?  Good question.  Experts say that there are seven main improvements that you can do that will create value without putting yourself in debt that will not be recouped in the long run.

Home Improvements To Consider

  • Home Additions: This includes sun rooms, porches, sheds, bathrooms, bedrooms and fun rooms that create family space.  Home additions can impact your home environment tremendously.  Adding on a shed can be an inexpensive fix to a lack of storage and closets inside your home and garage.  It is often hard to find places for yard tools, boat supplies, kids outdoor toys etc… so it all gets crammed into the available space in your home.  Sheds do away with this issue.  You can build them in whatever size space you have so it is perfect for all different types of land settings. Items such as sun rooms and porches emphasize spending time with family so those settings really drive home sales.
  • Bathroom Remodels: The best part of vacations is often the spa centers attached to the hotels.  Why not create this everyday in your own home.  Often you can complete a bathroom renovation within a reasonable budget.  Update fixtures, cabinets, storage space and if the money permits the bathing area.  Jets can add something to the bath/shower experience that nothing else can.  Make the remodel a sanctuary where you can retreat to after long days.
  • Kitchen Remodels: Although a more expensive remodeling situation, kitchen remodels do tend to give you the biggest return on your investment.  The kitchen is the center of most households.  In the kitchen people gather to talk about the day’s events over a glass of wine and making dinner.  Make remodeling choices that make life easier for you and create a space that is conducive for time together. Upgraded counters and appliances help to create a space of luxury.
  • Basement Renovations: Basements are an area that can greatly increase the value of your home.  When considering a basement remodel look into your family’s needs.  Do you need space for a recreational room, a guest room, an office or even a study?  This is the space to use for those needs.  Unlike an addition you are keeping the square footage the same but improving the use of the space.
  • Windows: This is a great renovation to reduce heating and cooling cost along with increasing a home’s value.  If you can add windows with blinds between the glass you can will really be increasing energy efficiency and the overall look of your home.
  • Siding: Often the outside of a home is neglected. We don’t live looking at it daily so the needs it proposes go unnoticed.  A new face on your home will dramatically change the overall look of your home and add curb appeal.  To a new owner this is the first look they will have of your home and you want the first impression to be favorable to add to the general attitude they have going into your home.
  • Roofing: This is one area in home improvements that is expanding like wild fire when it comes to materials you can use.  Traditional shingles are still available however; metal, tiles and slate are becoming popular options.  Actually I drove by a store that sold landscaping supplies and saw that their roof was covered in growing plants.  Roofing is truly diverse these days.

Your home is your sanctuary.  Whatever home improvement jobs that you choose make sure they are upgrades that you are going to enjoy with your family for years to come.  Don’t let the idea that your home will not sell if put on the market detour you from your dream home.  Live in it while you live in it and worry about selling it if and when the time comes.