The key to aging is an old age mystery to many including how to go about it gracefully without becoming needy upon others.  Many people fail to do this for one reason or another.  Sometimes illness strikes, often times an injury happens and frequently aging just becomes overly strenuous for individuals.  The secret is to manage aging with grace and dignity all while keeping yourself happy, healthy and living independently.  In the article below you will find some tidbits to help you along the way.

The first tip is to start with your home.  I know this is a weird aging tip however this is one that will truly pay off in the long run saving you on accidental falls and independent living.  This process should start when as you remodel the home you are in as your children start leaving the nest.

When you begin to start remodeling spaces throughout the home start putting in place age in place solutions such as barrier free showers and increase doorways widths.  This will benefit you as it becomes necessary to use devices to help your mobility such as walkers and wheel chairs.  Simple steps such as removing throw rugs can help prevent tripping. All these steps help with aging mobility and keeping you safe as you age. Age in place remodeling is my number one tip to staying youthful and preventing aging disabilities.

Another thing you can do to help slow down aging or make it more bearable is to keep fit and remain active.  Not only will remaining fit and active help with the challenges in mobility as we age but also will help keep your mind focused.  Exercise also helps to keep you feeling well and looking your best at any age but is especially important in the aging process.   Pick one activity you love, maybe it is hiking or playing tennis and get out there and enjoy it with friends.

Eating right is another huge step in the right direction to help individuals age well.  Choose foods with increased vitamins and substantial quality staying away from sugar and foods with a high fat content.  Think about possibly growing your own garden.  Organic food is incredibly healthy and gardening is a terrific way to stay youthful and active.

One part often overlooked when it comes to aging is mental stability.  This is so important when it comes to aging.  Mobility is needed but without your mind being healthy life becomes increasingly difficult.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  Many people start doing puzzles and playing games that involve strategy.  Starting hanging out with the grandkids as they play the wii.  The wii is a terrific console that combines the mind and body.  Keeping your mind sharp will help you through the aging process as well.

The last thing we want as we age is to become a burden to ourselves, our family or our friends.  It is important to age with dignity and to keep independent for as long as one possible can.  This presents a variety of challenges, some of which I addressed above, that can be conquered with the motivation to age gracefully.