Is the honey do list you have for your spouse growing as you read this?  I know my husband like a lot of spouses works so hard all day that by the time he gets home he is ready for some relaxation and fun with the family.  The list keeps growing without an end in sight.  One day I decided enough was enough and started doing smaller tasks on my own.  I can stain the deck and install safety devices to prevent the kids from hurting themselves but I draw the line at repairing the ceramic tile that has been cracked or replacing the kitchen faucet.

I decided I would start asking around to all of my girlfriends whose homes are free of broken screens and garage doors hanging incorrectly what they do.  To my surprise I found out a secret about all of them…they call in a handyman service professional.  This whole time I thought my spouse was a slacker and come to find out they all are. Hmmm…so right way I gave him a call and got estimates for all of the odd jobs I needed to complete.  He was out here for one full day, eight hours, and I paid only one hundred dollars per job completed.  A miracle happened that day.  I would no longer half to wait for odd jobs to be completed I had a new secret weapon.

I know I got off a bit cheaper because he could come out and spend the whole day on one job site.  The more I lumped in the cheaper his repairs came out per job.  When he showed up I handed him the list and he was on his way.  The house never looked better.  I was thankful that I had girlfriends to refer me to a local handyman.  Otherwise I know I could have easily been pointed to the internet and located several in my area.  The benefit for me was that I knew he was reliable and did good work at an honest wage because of the several word of mouth referrals I was given.

There were a few jobs that he handled that required licenses.  Thankfully he had extra training in the areas of electrical and plumbing so I did not have to call out any other contractors to help my situations.  The jobs are endless that handyman service companies will handle.  I would suggest before you call that you get a list together of the needs that you have.  The company that you hire will then provide you with someone who can come out and fix all the areas pertaining to the jobs you have that need to be completed.  Not all handyman contractors are the same and therefore each offers something unique that they bring to the table.  When calling in to hire an individual it is up to you to match their qualifications with your needs.

I will never hesitate to call upon the handyman service company that allowed me the freedom from the ever lurking honey do list that I had to prod and poke at my husband to even look at.  The extra money spent on his services was well worth the a few more home cooked meals and one less weekend trip.  It makes me happy, my spouse and therefore our children.  Hiring a handyman was like hiring a marriage mediator.