The world is at our fingertips with help from smartphones. With this novel invention, we can easily connect with family, friends, read recipes, browse through photos, play games, control other electronics, watch movies, and more. Now that smartphones have been around for quite some time, we’re seeing some common injuries in the hand which are directly caused by these devices.

Text Claw
Though this condition has been around since the typewriter era, text claw is a growing issue with people who use their smartphones to communicate. Text claw is marked by cramping and pain in the fingers. The typical treatment for text claw is to immobilize the hand and fingers with a brace, massage, or stretch the area.

Cellphone Elbow
Similar to those who complain of carpal tunnel after using keyboards excessively, smartphone users are susceptible to cubital-tunnel syndrome. Those who use their smartphone to watch a video and hold it in the air for two or more hours might experience pain in the elbow, numbing, tingling, etc., in the forearm and hand, which are all telltale signs of cellphone elbow. Switching hands is an easy solution, along with using a pillow or pad to prop up your smartphone.

Smartphone Pinkie
Smartphones are sometimes large, bulky, and awkward for some people to get a good grip on. Add to that the fact that most people do not want to drop or lose their smartphones; they’re holding on to them reasonably tightly. This grip can cause calluses on certain fingers, along with numbness or painful pinky fingers. To treat this issue, change the position of your hand and try to shift your grip often.

Cuts and Glass Slivers
Quite possibly the most apparent problems with smartphones, cracked screens or cameras can cause small lesions in the hand. Tiny slivers of glass can break off and puncture your skin; these tiny shards can also end up in your pocket, purse, or bed, creating another potential injury site. If broken or cracked, replace your smartphone whenever possible, as well as take advantage of screen protectors.

Texting Thumb
While texting, do you use all your fingers or just your thumbs? Most people use their thumbs to text or scroll through their phones, leading to texting thumb, trigger thumb, or arthritis. To remedy this situation, change your behavior by using a stylus to text, voice-to-text, or use more of your other fingers.

Hand, wrist, and elbow problems can result from ignoring smartphone hand injuries. If you suspect something is brewing in your hand or wrist, contact the experts at Michigan Hand & Wrist today.

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