Many computer users are complete novices.  Not everyone who has to use technology today really understands the components they are using.  Many can’t even begin to tell you the technical name for the screen that looks similar to a television that shows them an image of what they are typing.  Let alone the real name for the keys that resemble a type writer that they press that tells the big box what to make appear on the screen.

Basic computer hardware components are designed with the sole purpose for inputting and outputting data.  The following components are the basics that allow you computer to run in the manner that you have come to except and to accept as reasonable.  A better understanding of computer components will help you understand computer repairs later on.


The monitor is the area in which the images from your computer are displayed.  The monitor resembles a television screen.  All of the pictures and videos that come from the computer are viewed on the monitor.  Newer monitors are made of flat screens or LCD screen that help to create crisp images and protect the users vision from the harmful radiation that older computer monitors that used CRT, glass tubes.


A keyboard is the piece of equipment that is used to input information into the computer.  It is connected to the computer using the USB port.  Keyboards can be used wirelessly or wired.  The keyboard is fitted with keys that represent the alphabet as well as numerical keys and random keys that are essential to send messages to the computer. Keys pressed in combination with one another send a unique message to the computer.


The mouse is an external component of the computer that allows for navigation on the computer monitor.  The mouse is able to be moved not only from left to right and up and down but anywhere within the space on the monitor.  The mouse enables the user to point to an area and click to gain immediate access.

Central Processing Unit

The brain of the computer is known as the CPU.  The central processing unit is a piece of hardware that performs all of the operations and calculations.  The speed in which you wish the computer to work is dependent on the size of the CPU.  A central processing unit that is powerful can adjust to a higher number of tasks at one time than that of a smaller CPU.


An internal component of the computer is called its memory.  The memory will connect to the computer via the mother board.  The computer’s memory can be adjusted depending on the size of the mother board and the desires of the owner.  There are usually two extra spaces for memory on the motherboard to increase the computers performance.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is the internal storage device for the computer.  The hard drive is where everything is stored.  It saves the information so that you can access it at a later time.  If you find your hard drive space is limited you may want to free space by using an external hard drive for additional storage.  The hard drive is the file cabinet for your documents, pictures, movies, games and more.

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