A gate operator is a motorized piece of equipment that is used to release and secure an entry/exit gate.  Gates are common at parking garage, at the end of driveways and industrial business centers.  Basically if you want an added bit of security at your home or business an entry/exit gate is used. Often gates are used with attendants in order to collect tolls or to monitor traffic in and out of a structure.

There are two different types of gate operators in use today, automatic and electric.  Automatic gate operators offer the convenience of having a gate without using a high voltage power source.  Automatic gate operators work using solar energy.  This is important for many clients who do not have a power supply readily available.  A good example of this would be a long, remote driveway.  For some automatic gate owners it is all about using natural resources that provide renewable energy and are cleaner for the environment.

Electric gate operators are motorized by a mechanical arm that is used to open and close the gate.  A circuit is used that sends signals to the gate from an access control which tell it to open or close.  Access control systems can come in many different forms.  An access control can consist of a remote control, and intercom system, an entry keypad or even sensors.

Gate operators are used on many different styles of gates.  Two of the most popular types are swing gates and slide gates.  The style that you choose will depend on personal preference and the space it is intended for.  Swing gates tend to be more intricate and stylish but require a lot of space to extend open.  Where as a sliding gate opens horizontally along the fence using only the space that is currently occupies.

In understanding gate operators it is important to know how the technology has advanced.  In previous years installing gate operators took a good amount of time.  This coupled with their large and unattractive presence often made automatic gates too industrial looking for most homes.  Today most gate operators are installed so inconspicuously.  They can be mounted either above or below the actual fence.

Some models even allow for underground installation.  Underground installation of gate operators is a nice option because it allows the gate to function as a piece of landscaping without having the systems operating it in full view.  It adds the mystery element of how the gate is actually opening and closing.

One thing to remember when having a gate system installed is that the gate operator system needs to be made of weatherproof materials.  It also needs to be free of any materials that could corrode with your areas different elements.  Different temperate climates make it necessary to research gate operators that function well in your area.

The United States varies greatly in climate from rain, wind, heat and cold so it is important to know that a top gate operator system in Michigan might not be the best bet for a system in Arizona.  Your gate installer will be able to provide detailed information to make sure the product meets your areas requirements.

Gates are becoming an ever popular trend among home owners and home owner associations.  It provides security and allows the owner to have control over the people who are able to access the homes.  They also are an attractive piece of landscaping that can be used to increase the value of your property and decrease insurance rates.