How many times have you started an exercise regime only to call it quits weeks later?  This is fairly common in the word of physical activity.  If it is not something we were brought up doing daily as a family unit it is likely not to be a habit in our adult lives.  This is true with people interested in beginning to run.  Running is an activity enjoyed by thousands of people every day.  It is easy to begin and just as easy to quit.  It is important to recognize this when you start out.  The number one tip anyone can give a new runner is to lace up the shoes.  Once they are on you will have nothing else to do but get moving.  Once the habit is in place for a few months it will become second nature and you will not even know what it is to be without it.  A runner high is something irreplaceable by anything else.

In order to stick with running there are a few tips to make the first few runs more enjoyable until a rhythm is obtained.  The first one is going to sound funny but for beginners it is important in giving the sport of running a fair chance.  My first tip is to run for one minute for each time you go out.  On your first try you go for one minute.  That is it.  Then continue to walk at a moderate pace until you have reached the length of time or distance you were aiming for.  The next day you will increase the amount to two minutes and so on until you are on your thirtieth day running for a full thirty minutes.

The next tip is to physical write down what you are looking to get out of running.  Is it weight loss, strength, flexibility or to run a certain amount of time or mileage?  Why it is important that you are running needs to be written down for examination frequently.  The more you see the goal in black in white, the more likely it is that you will stick to achieving them.

Motivation dies quickly.  In fact after the first week your body is sore, you aren’t seeing any results and it is easy to forget why you started.  Try to change your routine, run with friends, purchase some new running gear or post motivation phrases around you to keep you motivated.

The goal is to become a runner for life.  This is not just a phase this is the new lifestyle.  For this to be true it is important not to overdo it.  Start out steady, don’t kill yourself.  Maybe you will run three times a week, maybe four.  Challenge yourself but don’t feel it is necessary to run every day.  Other activities such as swimming, strength training, biking or tennis will provide you with a change up in activity to avoid runner’s burnout. A written schedule will help with this.

It is also important to have good running form from the start.  You will want to start from day one with stretches before and after a run while also watching how you are running.  Useful information on posture, stride and technique can be found in magazines, the internet and books on running.  This is also an area that a runner friend will be more than happy to help.  Every runners form will be a bit different but good running form right from the start will be habit forming.

Last but not least splurge a little.  It is important to have the right running gear to create a healthy habit.  Running shoes are important and should be fitted by a professional.  They will want to check the heel and arch of your current shoes to see what running shoe is the best fit for your type of foot.  Another thing is a good fitting bra, wicking socks, pants and under shirt.  This will make sure that as you run the moisture is being pulled from your body and not soaking in causing a cold sweat.

These tips should get you started in the wonderful world of running.  Keep at it and put one foot in front of the other day after day and your body, mind and spirit will wreak the benefit. Also, think about how good you will look sporting new running gear!