Every engagement ring and engagement ring setting should be as unique as the women receiving it. Choosing a ring, setting and stone option is not easy especially when you are looking for something to encase exactly how you feel about the recipient. An engagement ring is a very personal gift to give and to receive. When shopping for a ring you will want to make sure that you are taking into consideration the likes and dislikes of your soon to be (hopefully) fiancé. When searching for a unique option for your bride to be look at the pieces of jewelry that she already wears on a regular basis. This is a great way to start creating a life together.



Not only is the engagement ring important, the perfect proposal is sure to solidify a “yes” response from the most important question you will ask in your entire life, “Will you marry me?” As sure as we are that you have some great ideas of your own here are a few more ideas and tips to create a moment and ring that are as unique as she is.



The first step in planning the perfect proposal is the perfect location to make your engagement incredibly special for your bride-to-be. Consider a location that fits her. If she is quiet and shy a public proposal is probably the not best option for you. So even if you are an extrovert and you want a huge hoopla really consider who you are proposing to first and for most. Find a location that suits her and syncs with her personality.



One idea is to think back to the very first moment you met or the minute you knew that she was the one. Those are two perfect locations to start considering when determining the exact location that you will pop the question and begin the rest of your lives together.



For the romantic bride-to-be consider a proposal that centers on a restaurant that you both are fond of. It could be a first date restaurant, a dive you both enjoy, or an elegant restaurant you went to for a special event whatever location you choose make the moment something she will never forget. Plan ahead and make the staff co-conspirators in this life changing event in your lives.



If your fiancé isn’t quite into the restaurant scene yet the two of you share a common hobby or activity that you enjoy together you can integrate them in your proposal. If you are runners, skiers, have a fondness for animals or enjoy playing games together take the idea and turn it into a proposal opportunity she will not forget.


Not only does the proposal have to be something she will never forget but the ring she will wear everyday from the proposal forward has to be stunning. The ring has to be perfect for her. So when choosing a ring doesn’t consider what anyone else would like only consider her. Express how much you love and care for her when selecting something specific for her. Not every bride-to-be wants a diamond solitaire gold ring. You have to be a super sleuth in the creating a custom engagement ring for her.



Consider the type of jewelry that she wears every day. If she adores white gold don’t buy her yellow gold. That really shows her that you took time to acknowledge her taste in metal jewelry. Diamonds are the typical stone set in engagement rings however; if your bride-to-be is not into diamonds don’t think you have to purchase a diamond engagement ring.



The only thing that matters when it comes to the proposal and ring in any engagement is the two of you and creating your perfect beginning. Make the events of your proposal and her ring something she will want to share with the generations to come.