When hiring any type of contractor to work on your home we are all looking to get the biggest bang for our “buck”.  This is especially true when it comes to larger projects such as kitchen or bathroom remodeling, roof replacement, basement transformation as well as landscaping.  The more money we are about to put the better the deal we are looking to get.  On top of this we are looking to hire a professional who is in it to give us a great deal while completing the job in a timely fashion and correct the first time.  How can a homeowner ensure they are hiring the best roofing contractor for their roof replacement or roofing repair?

One thing to look for when hiring a roofing contractor is their licensing.  The required licenses that are needed for a roofing contractor in each area of the state and country are going to be different.  To determine what is needed when doing work in your area, on your home, it is best to call the local building department.

Insurance is another area of concern when it comes to hiring a contractor that will be working on your home.  Without proper insurance, if someone gets hurt or materials are broken, you as the homeowner will be responsible if the contractor does not have proper business insurance.  Always get a copy of the insurance policy before any contracts are signed or work is done on the home.

Some local municipalities will require that you have permits pulled for work within or around your home.  If they are required you or the contractor will need to pull permits before the job is begun.  This is information that can be acquired at your local building department.

Roofing contractors vary on the warranties on their products and services along with warranty offers from the manufactures. All guarantees and warranties should be in writing when the contractor gives you the original estimate.

Finding a reputable, reliable roofing contractor can be difficult.  One of the best ways to tell if you are hiring someone trustworthy and dependable is to talk to previous clients.  This will be a good way of determining how the contractor you are hiring does business and the results of their work.

When receiving an estimate for job needed on your roof the best way to ensure you are getting what you are paying for is to ask for a breakdown list of materials and labor costs.  Take all of the bids that you have received and compare them side by side to see if the quotes you are getting are all on the same playing field.  If there are drastic differences find out the reasons. Maybe one contractor offers extended warranties on labor or materials.  This may be worth a few extra dollars for you.

If everything is even with the contractors that you are looking into consider the outside factors.  Pay attention to the details like how the contractor presents him or herself.  How the bids are presented and how prompt they were in their communication with you.  This is helpful in determining how communication will be in future dealings as well.