Are you moving into a new home or looking for a way to increase the security in your current home?  Maybe you are just looking for a way to enhance the overall curb appeal of your home?  One solution for all three of these situations is the addition of an automated entry gate.  Not only is it cost effective but it also adds a lifetime solution to the security of your home and family.

There are two types of electronic gate systems commonly used for residential purposes: swing gates and slide gates.  As the names suggest a swing gate in an entry gate in which the gate operator swing the gate open.  A sliding gate is one in which the gate operator moves the gate by sliding it open and closed.  Depending on the area in which the electronic entry gate is to be installed will greatly determine the type you choose.  If the area is on any type of slope or grade a swing gate is most likely not going to be possible.  The same is true for smaller driveways.  A slide gate works well for both of those scenarios.  A swing gate is a very majestic peace and can be installed on larger, flat driveways.  The elegance of both swing gates and slide gate options are just incredible.

It is important for homeowners to be aware that a swing gate is powered by two gate motors where as a sliding gate requires only one.  The gate operator that you choose to install will be dependent upon several factors including the size of the gate that is chosen, the speed at which the fence will open and the surface it will be installed on.

To get an understanding of what types of driveway gates would be best for your home have a gate surveyor come out to review the land.  Once this occurs the local gate automation company will look at the gate surveyors’ assessment and recommend different styles and designs of electronic entry gates that work well within the space you have.  They will recommend appropriate gate operators, gate motors and accessories to fit your desires and will base their quote off of what you finally choose.

Installation of electronic entry gates is best left to industry experts.  It is not an easy do it yourself job.  For the best results have the gate installed by experts in driveway gate installation.  They will not only get the gate in place but install the motors, entry systems and sensors to ensure a fully functioning electronic entry gate.

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