The hardest part of picking out an engagement ring is finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with wearing the ring.  Choosing the ring that is to be presented as a symbol of your love and affection is relatively easy.


The first step in selecting an engagement ring is to determine your budget. The old aged of two months’ salary has gone by the waste side.  This is an out-dated rule of thumb and couples today understand that two months’ salary is a tremendous amount of money to spend on one piece of diamond jewelry.  This is now left for personal choice.  If you can and you want to spend the money however it is not a must today.  Many people choose an engagement ring that symbolizes them as a couple.  This is more important than the amount of money spent on the ring itself.


Once you have decided upon a reasonable budget consider thinking about the style and metal of the ring that best describes the woman you are asking to marry you.  Some popular options are halo engagement rings, antique engagement rings and classic solitaire engagement rings.   Consider the color of jewelry she usually wears as well.  Does she like gold, platinum, white gold or silver?  This helps indicate what she has a preference for.


The stone is the next item you will want to choose.  Are you thinking about a traditional diamond or are you considering a gemstone that she favors.  Again this is an area that will depend on the woman you are asking to marry you.  Some women are very traditional and prefer a diamond.  The shape of the diamond is also another option you will have to choose.  Diamonds come in many shapes including round, princess, emerald, marquise, oval, pear and heart.  


Consider the setting and type of wedding band you eventually think she will want.  Classic diamonds solitaires are easily matched with wither a plain wedding ring or a wrap to enhance the solitaire.  Another setting is one which includes side stones.  This also is easily paired with a classic band or worn on its own.  Some couples choose a bridal set which allows you to purchase the engagement ring and wedding ring as a set.  This way there is a perfect fit and uniform look for the pairing.  


Lastly you want to compare the cost of the ring you decide upon at a few different jewelers.  Don’t rule out online shopping as often online diamond prices can be far more reasonable.  You are not paying for the fancy shop or name.  With online purchasing you are paying for the ring.  Remember to have the ring appraised and insured.  Good Luck!