Have you been dreaming of an inground swimming pool? Before you dive in head first here is some advice to help you in making the dream a reality.
1) Consider all the things you want in your new pool. In creating a dream list nothing is too big or too small. Find out about the newest, latest and greatest in the swimming pool industry. Contact local swimming pool builders. Let the builder look at your landscape layout and offer suggestions on material, styles and designs that will fit in items from your dream list.
2) Collect pictures of inground pool shapes, materials and features that you like. Add in different materials and styles you like in your everyday life. Professional builders will be able to incorporate all of your ideas into one better when then have a visual on elements that appeal to you.
3) Research the similarities and differences between the three types of inground pools; concrete (Gunite with Marcite overlay), fiberglass and vinyl. You will also want to look into the options available in tile, coping, cleaning systems, filters and different artistic elements that can be incorporated. Do research and be able to communicate with the pool builder in their language. You will feel so much more confident in the experience than going in blind.
4) Determine what shape you want the pool to be. You want function, aesthetics and something classic. From rectangles to kidney beans with free-form thrown in for fun, a shape is out there for your landscape. Consider where to place the hot tub and waterfalls too! If you are planning parties surrounding the pool consider a swim up bar/seating area. How much fun would that be for your guests!
5) The weather in your area can dictate some of the features you will want for your pool. If you live in a colder climate are you going to enclose the pool for year round use or close the pool at the end of the season? Consider adding a heater to the pool in areas with short swimming seasons to extend the swimming season. If you live in an area with high winds therefore an increase in tree debris a screened in enclosure would be helpful in keeping the area clean and bug free.
6) What is the pool going to be used for? Children and fun consider adding a slide and diving board, adults and entertaining consider lighting and built in water features with a negative pool edge. You will be a pool builders best client if you are prepared with your wants and desires for the area.
7) A budget will clearly be needed. In order to establish a budget that is reasonable and allows for the extra goodies you want to incorporate talk with a professional pool installation company. The information you gather will be useful in establishing the amount of funds you are willing to put aside for the extras. Is a pool worth the extra depth needed in the pool as well as the cost of the slide?
There are so many different concerns in pool ownership that need to be remembered before the ground is dug. Things such as long term cost and maintenance does it increase your home’s value, local building codes, extra homeowners insurance and the costs associate with it, being energy efficient as well as eco-friendly and green and safety elements such as aluminum pool fencing. When you send out invitations don’t forget mine!