Land surveyors are a jack of all trades.  They are people that take information gained through education and experience then use it to define the characteristics of spaces involved in land ownership. These professionals have the tools available to give the history of land and its changes through history.  This is important because of all of the factors that will change the land over time that records are kept and details recorded as they happen.

How does a land surveyor go about performing the retracing the history of land?  This is the question needed to be answered in order to figure out the job they do.  First, land surveyors use mathematics, technical research and abilities to measure and plot.  They do this with both natural and artificial points of reference on the Earth’s surface. The direction and length of boundary lines and the curve of the Earth are also measured to help determine exact land boundaries.

It is important for land surveyors to be familiar with the way the laws and regulations of the state that they are working in and out.  Different zoning, building, planning and wetland regulations along with all the different land use codes should be acknowledged.    They work on plot plans, GPS surveys, boundary surveys and a variety of different projects.  It is amazing all of the different jobs that require land surveyors services.

When purchasing a plot of land to build a home on it is important that even an average real estate buyer should contact a land surveyor.  This is especially important before the purchase is made.  Only a licensed land surveyor will truly be able to show you and provide a map of the actual space that has been purchased or is going to be purchased.    They help to define what is actually purchased.

This is such an important piece to the puzzle in purchasing land.  A surveyor will tell you exactly what defines the space you purchased.  It is important for people to be aware of the space they own, what trees constitute the space.  If a land surveyor feels a deed has been previously written incorrectly they have the ability to provide and updated version.  This can happen as land changes especially if features have changed drastically.  It is also common when the previous owner has made changes to the lands features since the previous deed. Some land surveyors go ahead and place permanent markers on the corners of the property.  This is helpful so that you can always have a hold of the property lines.

People are very anxious when it comes to property and defining what is theirs.  If you look back in history it is evident that property lines matter.  This is why it is so important to have an expert out when looking into purchasing property.  It is not fun to purchase land only to realize what you though originally belonged to you is actually a community access point.  Nothing could be worse than sitting enjoying the view of the lake to have it ruined by people dropping boats in the water on what you assumed was your property.