As a home owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your home safe, and clean, for yourself, your family, and your loved ones. While doorwalls can add a significant amount of value to your home, both real and perceived, traditional, single-pane door walls, if you use traditional blinds with them, present two specific areas of concern: cleanliness and safety for kids and small pets. Here’s how you can maintain a safer, and cleaner, home by choosing doorwalls with blinds over single-pane door walls.

Cleanliness and Combating Allergies

Traditional blinds are dust and dirt magnets. It’s not the dirt from tiny little fingers and paws that cause issue; it’s the dust and all of the particles that collect on the blinds that can really wreak havoc on allergies and sensitivities within the home. While dusting your blinds is recommended if you want to keep your home clean; you are, time and time again, stirring up the particles and dust every time you clean your blinds.

By opting for door walls with blinds instead of traditional doorwalls, you can avoid this problem as the blinds are contained within the glass, not on the outside of the glass.

Safety Concerns of Doorwalls with Traditional Blinds

The biggest safety concerns about blinds, whether they are for replacement windows or doorwalls, is the choking and tripping hazards that the cords present. And, because doorwalls extend from the ceiling to the floor, the blind cords for door walls are longer than for windows, which just makes the case for safety even more important.

Kids, whether they are your own, your friends’ kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or kids of the four-legged variety, can easily hurt themselves on the cords for blinds. Additionally, long cords that are not kept up can be a hazard for you, too — getting your foot tangled up in a cord, especially at the wrong moment, can be exceedingly dangerous.

Because door walls with internal blinds do not require the use of cords, you alleviate the risks associated with using traditional blinds, and the costs associated with making your blinds kid-and-pet proof.

There are real benefits to choosing doorwalls with built-in blinds over single-pane doorwalls. They’re cleaner, they’re safer, and they are actually quite attractive.

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