When we bought our home we were fascinated by the amount of light let in by the doorwalls. We loved it. The sliding glass doorwalls faced towards the woods so we really never worried about privacy issues. There were no blinds up and we never really gave thought to adding them. The door walls are in fact what sold us on this particular house.

We were perfectly fine with this arrangement until by spouse brought home Sophie. Sophie was a curious puppy who wanted in on all the action all the time. She would see something flicker in the woods and it would cause her to leap up from a relaxing mid afternoon nap and go into a tizzy. We knew right away we needed to add blinds to the doorwalls to eliminate the fact that she could see into the woods day in and out.

We thought we were so smart. We went out with measurements bought fancy vertical blinds. When we got home we installed them not without drama of course. They were a bit heavier than we planned for which made the installation tricky. Plus they really seemed to close off the room and the light we loved so much.

It wasn’t until a few days later till we realized the really big mistake we had made. Sophie of course found her way into the blinds so they did not prevent the intended infraction of her craziness when she caught glimpse of a squirrel. They did however cause her to be more annoying because of the racket caused by the blinds slapping each other as she plowed through them. She also learned that the cords to move them back and forth were so much fun because they played tug of war with her. They were definitely not Sophie proof so we knew that option was really just a really expensive dog toy. We began looking into other options.

We were fortunate because we found and fell in love with sliding glass doorwalls featuring blinds between the glass. This would solve our dilemma with Sophie while still letting us have the option of closed blinds to keep Sophie calm or open blinds to let in the light of the yard which we love so much. The company was so easy to work with and surprisingly the new doorwalls featuring blinds between the glass were reasonably priced.

Sophie is one lucky dog. She brings us a ton of joy and we love her so much. The doorwalls featuring blinds between the glass were the perfect solution to her need to protect us from the squirrels and wildlife in our backyard. She is now able to take a restful slumber and we are too. She no longer wakes us up at night with the rustling of blinds. As for the tug of war solution the cords provided we added a few new chew toys to her collection including a rope with a knot in it for us to play tug of war with her.