Bringing in the year 2014 has left me thinking about a lot of things.  Technology being one major topic that I think about a lot especially with two kids and the iPhone and iPod craze that exists.  Going one day without technology is a difficult task in our family.  I know this will make many people shake their heads in disbelief.  There are some people that would be fine to go back to an age where telephones were connected to the wall with a cord and an encyclopedia was still the main research source.

I personally cannot imagine a day without access to my computer world.  I rely on the computer to communicate effectively in my personal life as well as my work life.  Communication is simplified with the use of a computer. Mundane tasks are made easier and life just runs smoother using a computer.  This is why when I went to turn my computer on and it hesitated, hissed and went black I was devastated.  I knew I needed to get the computer fixed as soon as possible.  This began the quest in to finding a technician to fix my computer without too much hassle.

My first step to finding someone reliable to fix my computer was to call upon my tech savvy friends.  I wanted to see who they would trust to fix their laptop or towers.  All of them commented not to take it to a large chain for repair as the computer would not get the attention it needed.  I was told that many times it is a process that leaves you without a computer for weeks while they ship it about fixing it and yet it comes back to you and is never the same.

The problem is that the person you speak with is not the person fixing your computer.  This was an issue.  If I was leaving my baby overnight I wanted to make sure she was in good hands and attended to. That left me in search of a local computer store to repair my computer.  It was important that I was able to speak with the technician working on machine to explain how I needed the computer to function in the end.  I feel it best to lay the expectation out first, if the expectation is not possible with this machine then they would be able to tell me it was not worth the cost to repair it and move on.  This was important as sinking money into a machine was not something I was going to be able to do a lot of.

I found a local computer service company searching Google on my phone.  I was able to go into the office with my computer and speak the tech about the issues.  It was great because right off the bat the problem sounded familiar to him.  For a small diagnostic fee I left my machine to be repaired.  That same day, later in the evening, I received a call that the glitch could be fixed for about a half hour of labor costs which was covered by my diagnostic fee and I just needed to give the approval.  My pc was repaired and home with me the next day.

When it comes to repairing and maintaining my computer in the future I know who to trust.  I would recommend that everyone take a few minutes to scope out a local computer service store, even before you have an issue with your machine. I know being without my computer is like being without my right arm. Establishing a relationship with local computer support can save you when it comes to time, money and sanity.